Treat up to (10) Ten - 1 Bedroom Units (60 Tablets)

Treat up to (10) Ten - 1 Bedroom Units (60 Tablets)

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Kill COVID-19 and other germs & viruses (per the CDC & EPA)

Apartment/Condo/Home Kit includes: 60 Tablets, delivery cups, plates, safety goggles, gloves and aerator mask, plus usage & safety instructions.  Disinfects the unit and removes even the strongest smoke, food & pet odors making it safe and ready for the next resident. Tablets have a 1 year shelf life.

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Treats up to:

Ten (10)   1 Bedroom Units @ $82.95 per unit

Eight (8)  2 Bedroom Units

Six (6)      3 Bedroom Units

Cost per tablet $13.82