Auto/RV Odor

Never mix Odor Away with any other chemical and never use Odor Away when other chemicals are present in the air or water. LLC will not be responsible for any financial liability for any damage to carpeting, flooring, seats, or any material in the vehicle. This is why we go to such lengths to explain how to avoid spills or accidents on the website and our packaging.

    Standard 4 Door Sedan: 1 Tablet
    Large SUV - 2 Tablets
    RV - 3-4 Tablets based on size and severity of odor

Again, make sure the entire vehicle has been detailed/cleaned before treatment is the key to success.

Vehicle Use:
1) Thoroughly clean the entire vehicle before treating the vehicle with Odor Away – clean carpeting, floor mats, seats, etc…make it front line ready.
2) If there are food stains or pet stains on the floor under the floor mats, the Odor Away gas will not be able to penetrate the floor mats to destroy the bacteria to eliminate the odor. In this case remove the floor mats for four hours and then put them back in vehicle to be exposed to the Odor Away gas after 4 hours.
3) Make sure the vehicle is in a shaded area and not direct sunlight during the entire treatment
4) Put on gloves (rubber/latex recommended) and open the Odor Away package and put one Odor Away tablet into a clear plastic 16 ounce cup.
5) One tablet is enough for most vehicles. It might take two tablets for extreme odors or large SUV’s.
6) Now, place cup with Odor Away 20G Tablet(s) in vehicle cup holder securely
7) If the vehicle requires one tablet, now add a minimum of 4 ounces of water or a little above the “Fill Line” on the cup. Make sure you add at least 4 ounces or slightly above the fill line. Also, don’t add too much water. The tablet should immediately start to fizz and bubble and the water will turn a golden color. This is how you know it is producing chlorine dioxide gas. Do not directly inhale.  If the tablet starts to foam excessively and you think it might overflow the cup, immediately add another ounce or two of water. If the cup overflows, it can stain the seats, carpeting, etc…We recommend keeping the vehicle door open for about 30 seconds after adding water and making sure it doesn’t overflow before shutting and locking the vehicle for the next 4 hours.
8) In the case of extreme odors or large SUV’s, we recommend you put two tablets in a 16 ounce plastic cup and add 8 - 10 ounces of water. Again follow all the previous instructions and watch to make sure it doesn’t start to overflow. Just immediately add an ounce or two of water to make sure it doesn’t overflow. Then lock vehicle for next four hours.

Special Note: Using much more than 4 ounces of water per tablet initially can slow down the release of  Odor Away gas and reduce the tablets effectiveness. It is essential that you use a little more than 4 ounces per tablet. Never put more than two tablets in a 16 ounce cup.

9) Again, no person in the vehicle for at least 4 hours. After 4 hours, open up the vehicle, turn on the vehicle and put the heating/air conditioning unit on “vent only & recirculate”. This will circulate the Odor Away gas through the vents to destroy the odor. Run the vehicle on “vent only & recirculate” for 30 minutes. Immediately exit the vehicle and lock it up again.
10) After 30 minutes, now turn off the vehicle.
11)  You can now open all of the windows and air out the vehicle for the next day or two. The vehicle will smell like chlorine in a pool. This is normal and expected. It will dissipate & disappear. You can use a nice fragrance to help if so desired.
12) If the vehicle had severe odors, we recommend you keep the vehicle locked up overnight. Then again air out for the next day or two.

The safety pre-cautions and usage instructions are identical for Motorhomes and RV’s. The only difference is you will probably use 3-5 cups with tablets based on the RV size, and severity of odor. After you add a minimum of 4 ounces of water to each of the 16 ounce plastic cup you should leave the Motorhome/RV immediately and not enter again for at least 4 hours. Then you will return to turn on the heat/air conditioning to run the “vent only & recirculate” for 30 – 60 minutes. Never stay in the RV/Motorhome for more than a few seconds. Everything else is the same.

Fact: Contrary to popular belief, Odor Away doesn’t destroy “all type odors”.

Odor Away destroys bacteria based odors when enough gas can get to the bacteria. As you use Odor Away, you will learn quickly when to use and when to not use. Our experiences with apartment, Auto/RV dealers and rental car companies, tell us Odor Away works excellent on cigarette and cigar smoke; food odors, and pet odors. 

Odor Away doesn’t clean the air or mask the odor like other products. It destroys the odor!!! This is why it is critical to have cleaned the vehicle or apartment thoroughly before treating the vehicle with Odor Away.