Apartment/Condo/Home Odor

Strictly Follow Usage & Safety Directions! It is a violation of Federal Law to use this product in a manner inconsistent with these recommendations.

Please read the SDS (Safety Data Sheet) at the bottom of the Safety Precautions Page on this website.

Follow these directions explicitly.  Never stay in the apartment, hotel room, or vehicle if there is still a strong odor for more than a few seconds. Make sure to air out the apartment, hotel room, or vehicle until the chlorine odor is gone after the treatment. It may take a day or two before you can use the apartment, hotel room, or vehicle again. Be safe and don't take any risks.

* See Usage Directions and
   Safety Precautions
   for handling
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Caution: Keep Out of Reach of Children.
Wear Protective Eye Wear.
Wear Robber Gloves at all times while handling.
Wear Aerator Mask - NIOSH approved, N100 mask.
Do not ingest at any time.
Avoid Direct Sunlight while using the product.
Store in cool, dry safe location away from children

Do not expose pets to Odor Away until the chlorine odor is completely dissipated

Never mix Odor Away with any other chemical and never use Odor Away when other chemicals are present in the air or water.

Amount Needed:   
How many Odor-Away 20G Tablets will I need?

Apartments: Average Usage of 20G Tablets
    Studio Apartments: Average of 4-6 Tablets
    1 Bedroom Apartments:  Average of 5-8 Tablets
    2 Bedroom Apartments: Average of 7-11 Tablets
    3 Bedroom Apartments: Average of 10-13 Tablets

Tablet usage will depend on the apartment square footage, ceiling height, odor severity, and number of rooms. Some apartments will require less than the average and some apartments will require more. The key to success is to completely clean the entire apartment: carpeting, appliances, bathrooms, etc... and replace carpeting if necessary and paint prior to treating the apartment for cigarette or cigar smoke. Remember, whatever the  odor Away gas can get to it in a high enough concentration it will destroy the odor. Whatever it can't get to in a high enough concentration, it won't destroy.

Apartment Usage Directions – Cigarette & Cigar Smoke:

Special Note: Odor Away works best after the apartment has been thoroughly and completely cleaned and the carpeting (if replacing) has been replaced and the walls painted. Follow the step-by-step instructions strictly.

1) Open all cabinets, vents, closets, laundry area, refrigerator, stove, dishwasher to be accessible to odor away treatment. Pull out refrigerator, washer & dryer so Odor Away can get to these areas.
2) Make sure the tablets in water during treatment are not in direct sunlight.
3) If the apartment has a HVAC unit, make sure the HVAC is on vent only to circulate air throughout the apartment. Make sure the HVAC is only recirculating air and not bringing in fresh air from outside (this way odor away flows through the HVAC & vents to eliminate odors. If the apartment unit shares a ventilation system with another unit do not use Odor Away tablets. If the apartment doesn’t have a HVAC then skip this treatment).
4) Do not use odor away at the same time as an ozone machine, ionizer, or in conjunction with other chemicals.
5) Use only in well ventilated areas and apartments.
6)  Make sure it has been 2-3 days since use of: a) other odor destroying chemicals, b) an ozone machine; c) an ionizer machine before using odor away; d) painting the apartment.
7) Before using odor away make sure the apartment has been thoroughly cleaned including: a) clean all carpeting; b) clean all appliances; c) clean bathrooms; d) clean under and around washer, dryer, & refrigerator; d) remove HVAC air filter in HVAC & after treatment replace with new HVAC Filter; e) after painting f) after replacing carpeting (if necessary).
8) Follow all Safety Directions – see SDS & Safety Directions
9) These step-by-step instructions are for use in “vacated” apartments only. This should not be attempted in an apartment that is occupied.

What You’ll Need to Treat the Apartment Safely

Make sure you have everything you need to treat the apartment before beginning:
a) Aerator Mask – NIOSH approved, N100 mask recommended
b) Protective Goggles – Chemical Goggles Recommended
c) Protective Gloves – Synthetic Latex/Rubber gloves recommended
d) 5-6 foot ladder if necessary – if the intake area for the HVAC is in the ceiling…we recommend placing one 16 ounce plastic cup with an Odor Away tablet on top of the ladder so the odor away treatment goes directly into the HVAC and vents to eliminate cigarette smoke
e) Clear 16 ounce plastic cups & heavy duty soak proof paper plates (provided) to place under cups on floor & ladder. The cups must be large enough for the odor away tablet to fit in the bottom of the cup. We highly recommend a heavy duty soak proof paper plate under each cup so if there is any spill or overflow it won’t damage the carpeting. Odor-Away.com LLC will not be responsible for any financial liability for any damage to carpeting or flooring.

Step-by-Step Instructions:
Strictly Follow for Treating Cigarette Smoke

1)  Close drapes/blinds/curtains so no direct sunlight is entering rooms, shut all windows, and turn on HVAC vent.
2)  Open all interior doors, closets, cabinets, kitchen cabinets - seal all food products, vents, closets, laundry area, refrigerator, stove, dishwasher to be accessible to odor away treatment. Open the HVAC intake vent and remove the filter. Remember whatever Odor Away can't get to in a strong enough dosage it won't eliminate.
3)  Place one tablet in each of the plastic cups – wear synthetic latex/rubber protective gloves. Then place all cups with Odor Away tablets onto heavy duty soak proof paper plates per the following: a) 3-4 Odor Away tablets (based on odor) the main living area; b) 1-2 Odor Away tablets (based on odor) in center of the kitchen; 3) 1 Odor Away tablet in each bedroom and bathroom if necessary. If there is no odor in the bedroom and/or bathroom, then don't treat. Cups and plates are provided for your convenience. No water yet.
4) We also high recommend you place an Odor Away tablet close to the intake area for the HVAC. If the intake for the HVAC is in the ceiling, we recommend you place a cup, plate, & 20G tablet on top of the ladder so it is released directly into the intake for the HVAC.
5) Securely put on your aerator mask, & protective goggles.
6) The reason we have you place all the cups and plates in advance is to have you spend the least amount of time in the apartment once you add water to the cups. Under no circumstance should you change the order of these items. Always wear an aerator mask, protective goggles & protective gloves. Your goal should be to as efficiently as possible and as safely and quickly as possible add water to the cups and then leave the apartment immediately.
7)  Now, one cup at a time, add enough water (cool or cold water) to cover each 20G tablet by One Inch. Again, add about “one inch of water over the tablet” - be careful to not add too much water. A minimum of four Ounces of water is the correct amount of water to add to each cup. If the tablet begins to overflow the cup, immediately add a little more water to reduce the foam/overflow. If the tablet starts to foam or bubble and the water turns a golden color the product is working. Do not directly inhale once you have added water. Be careful not to spill as it can stain the carpeting. Odor-Away.com LLC, its owner and agents will not be financially responsible for any spills or damage to carpeting as a direct result of accidents when treating apartments. This is why it is important to place the cups on the plates before adding water.
8) After adding the correct amount of water to each cup, please exit the apartment quickly and make sure no one enters the apartment for 12 hours or until the next morning.
9) After 12 hours or the following morning, open all windows to air out the apartment for 24 – 48 hours. The apartment should smell like chlorine in a pool. This is normal and is expected. The chlorine smell typically disappears over the next 24-48 hours based on airflow and circulation from opening the windows, turning on ceiling fans, and running the vent.
10) After treating the apartment for 12 plus hours - Odor Away breaks down and becomes essentially the same as salt water. Pour the remaining water from the cups directly down the toilet. Throw away all cups.

Special Note: if the Odor Away gas can’t get to the odor, it will not eliminate the odor.  Therefore, it is essential to open all interior  doors, closets, cabinets, appliances, pull out the washer, dryer, and refrigerator a little from the wall so the treatment has the best possible chance to eliminate everything on the first pass.It is all essential to clean, paint, and carpet if necessary first. If after treating the apartment, there is still some odor, identify the source and treat that specific area again. It means the Odor Away gas didn't get to the odor in enough concentration. Cigarette Smoke and Cigar smoke is elusive and it might take a second small focused treatment

Odor-Away.com LLC, its owner and agents will not be financially responsible for any stains or damage to carpeting or flooring for any reason.

In certain instances, you can use one 20G Odor Away tablet and dissolve
the tablet into at least 3 gallons of water. Once dissolved you can pour
directly onto carpeting where you know an animal has urinated repeatedly. This
will saturate the carpeting and pad and can eliminate odors in the pad below. It
is critical that you test the water with a dissolved Odor Away tablet on a piece
of carpeting first to make sure it doesn't damage or stain the carpeting
prior to using Odor Away in this manner. Please call us at (520) 971-2166 before trying. Never use Odor Away in this manner if
you previously treated the carpeting with any other chemicals or cleaning
treatment. This can cause the carpeting to be stained

Odor-Away.com LLC, its owner and agents will
not be financially responsible for any stains or damage to carpeting or
flooring for any reason.

Hotel Room: Please contact us by email or phone (520) 971-2166 and we will send you the safety and usage directions for hotel rooms!

Fact: Contrary to popular belief, Odor Away doesn’t destroy “all type odors”.

Odor Away destroys odors when enough gas can get to the odor. As you use Odor Away, you will learn quickly when to use and when to not use. Our experiences with apartments, Auto/RV dealers, and rental car companies, tell us Odor Away works excellent on cigarette and cigar smoke; food odors, and pet odors.

Odor Away doesn’t clean the air or mask the odor like other products. It destroys the odor permanently!!! This is why it is critical to have cleaned the vehicle or apartment thoroughly before treating the vehicle with Odor Away.